• LOVWAX04: Scrase - Another
    In contrast to his 'Heart' release, Scrase's 'Another' EP provides a dark and twisted journey down more alien avenues - the streaming melodies & warm atmospheres of the previous EP supplanted by arcane wooden rhythms and mechanised bass movements. 'Another' delivers a slab of crawling, warehouse-weight with an Eastern flavour, 'Movon' provides a minimal take on UK bass music fine-tuned to devastating effect. The three percussive tracks littered throughout the release explore a very different angle, combining dusty wooden rhythms with dread-filled tones and complex manipulations, lending the diverse collection of tracks a strong ritualistic feeling; topped off with a brooding remix of the title track by the ever consistent Irish techno duo Lakker.
  • LOVWAX03: Scrase - Heart
    Providing a state-of-the-art rejuvenation of 90s ambient house, the 'Heart' EP (the first in a 2-part 'set' of records) serves as a fluent example of the lighter side of Greg Scrase's previously little-known, but masterfully honed craft – here paying homage to the past greats of electronica, drawing together different threads of influence and applying them to his own colourful sonic palette. The 12” contains 3 exquisite original tracks that bubble and grow with a vibrant analogue charm, imbued with Scrase's house-ier tendencies and melodic capabilities - backed-up by a very special remix of 'Flyover' from like-minded acid aficionado Dave Monolith (under the moniker MNLTH).
  • LOVCD02: Beastmaster - S/T
    This entirely instrumental album takes us on a sunny, kaleidoscopic jaunt via a refined strain of space rock, psychedelia and grungey pop. Preferring to work without vocals, Beastmaster rather uses this space to create a greater sense of complexity in the development of the tracks themselves, carving naturally flowing narratives in each song. Serving up a timeless balance between hazy post-rock and retro-futuristic pop, as well as interweaving a multitude of references to past greats, Beastmaster has achieved a wonderfully detailed fresh sound devoid of easy categorisation.
  • LOVCD01: Beatwife - Cornbrail Acid II
    We present to you the latest release from Scottish born, LA based, acid connoisseur, Richard Wilson aka Beatwife, demonstrating his formidable signature style once again in the form of Cornbrail Acid Part 2. Having recently completed a collaborative album for Planet Mu alongside Henry Collins under the alias Misty Conditions and currently working alongside Sid Wilson of Slipknot as a member of The Miami Vice Sound Crack, Richard has been consistently working on new material. Here taking the uplifting, sunshine acid themes he laid down on his first Cornbrail Acid album (Released in cassette form on Hyperboloid Records) and exploring them further, Richard exposes 16 prime cuts of Electro/Braindance retro-futurism, firmly setting in stone his inimitable wonk and sparkle.
  • LOVCD00: Various Artists
    To kick-off our first foray into the CD world we present to you a double CD compilation brimming with a wonderfully eclectic selection of forward-thinking music from some of our favourite artists. Taken from all manner of musical circles, this collection of sounds goes a long way to representing every facet of the label's influence and output. Artists we've been working with from the origins of the label and artists we will be releasing far more of in the future sit alongside each other on one release, providing a perfect entry point to the Love Love experience.

  • LOVWAX02: Anklepants - SPEEK YOU LITTLE RE-ƒacéé
    Straight from the übergründé of the Berlin techno scene Australian anti-pop superstar, Anklepants arrives on Love Love Records with a precision blend of techno and conceptual pop. Accompanied by a polished production style to keep the dance floor aroused, perplexed and in a constant state of ecstasy, Anklepants is a self perpetuating musical phenomenon that's rapidly grabbing the scene by the balls, brain and feet. Having very recently played a sensation Boiler Room set and completed a European tour supporting Otto Von Schirach, this part man, part facé hybrid is set, primed and ready to take the world by storm.
  • LOVWAX01: Lakker - Deathmask
    Since the early 2000s, Dara and Ian have been the brains behind the slugged out, bass heavy electronic outfit ‘Lakker’. Both originating from Ireland, they paint intricate sonic tapestries ranging from haunting Arctic soundscapes to bass driven warehouse weight.

    Lakker's first release on Love Love Records (the first vinyl release on the label) combines Shrill melancholy with vegged-out techno grooves, providing a sparkling listening experience as well as being an excellent DJ tool. Following on from their releases on Blueprint and Killekill, this release sees Lakker maintain the intricate depth of their sound whilst somehow managing to fire all cannons directly at the dancefloor.