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0703131157 We are very excited to be announcing LOVWAX02 pre-orders that are now available from the releases page! Anklepant's 'SPEEK YOU LITTLE RE-ƒacéé' 12" (with accompanying WAVs and MP3) costs a total of £7.50 plus shipping/postage during the pre-order time period. As before The 12" vinyl is going to contain an A3 poster and all those who pre-order will receive additional digital bonus content.

1401131847 Best wishes for 2013 from Love Love records, to kick off a great year we have available on Love Love Records: LOVMP321 Smurd - Mo Gear E.P Acid Funk vibes 5 track Free E.P, LOVMP322 AERWAX - ENV-ROAD E.P Braindance Acid 4 track Free E.P both now available for download, head to their respected pages from the releases page to download! We also now see LOV07 Miguel Ballumbrosio - Pachamama Madre Tierra Mis Ofrendas L.P afro peruvian cajon madness now fully available for purchase at the price of 12 tracks for £7.00

2112121510 A special new digital release for the end of the world; LOV08 Tafkas (the artists formally known as Shitmat) - Hidden Tracks (2003-2012) is now available to purchase in lossless WAV and MP3 formats for £5.00. This is Shitmats last release ever and contains all sorts of strange tracks that show a hidden side to his music and a departure from his standard mash-up sample based sound. More information can be found on the LOV08 page.

0912121649 LOVWAX01 is now available to buy as a full release in either 12" vinyl with digitals (£7.99) or the digitals by themselves (£3.00) in the usual lossless WAV and 320kbps MP3 formats. To all those that pre-ordered the vinyl you get a bonus goodie pack of miscellaneous artwork, files, information and tracks available to download from your order which can be found my logging into your account and viewing your order details. Included within all copies of the vinyl is an A3 matte finish Deathmask poster and as explained on the LOVWAX01 page digital counterparts to the vinyl will be available to download once we have began the shipping process for your order. The digital counterparts also contain a 4th bonus track 'Default NUMB'.

2611122117 LOV07 a new digital release by new Love Love act Miguel Ballumbrosio is now available for pre-order, this release is a massive departure and a step into a whole new style of acoustic based music and culture for us of which Miguel Ballumbrosio acts as a welcoming ambassador of. This release features a wide range of genres with mostly acoustic instruments all connected by the usage of the traditional El Carmen instrument, the mysterious and interesting Cajon (ca-hon).

1010122259 The test pressings for our first 12" 'LOVWAX01 Lakker - Deathmask E.P.' have just arrived! And to celebrate, we're going to give one of them away for free. To be in with a chance of winning this great pre-release dubplate and excellent piece of Lakker and Love Love memorabilia all you have to do is:

'Like' Love Love Records on facebook and re-share the competition post

Send an email to [email protected] with 'Deathmask Competition' in the subject field, with your name on facebook and the answer to this simple question:
What was Lakker's first ever release?

You can pre-order the 12", off-white vinyl from our site at www.loveloverecords.net/lovwax01 Pre-orders will receive some extra free and exclusive goodies from ourselves and our friends. All orders will also receive digital 320k mp3/wavs also free on December 10th.

Mastered digital previews can be heard at www.soundcloud.com/loveloverecords

All orders will be dispatched December 10th 2012. The competition ends on Wednesday 17th, October and the winner will be chosen at random.

1006121425 Now available LOVMP319 - Lost Artefacts Compilation a free compilation of old tracks that were previously lost in a sea of data which have now been retrieved and resurfaced. LOVMP320 - Petrol Bastard - Jihad Trombone L.P is now available from us as well, perhaps the most outrageously hilarious release yet and a definitive look at modern digital hardcore you could previously find this L.P available from Petrol Bastard's bandcamp as a self-published release but we thought it would be lovely to feature it on the site for download here as well. We also have yet another spectacular Beatwife release and continuation of the LOV series as LOV06 - Beatwife - Lord Cornwallis E.P an experimental array of jungle/braindance inspired substance that continues to push Beatwife's awesome discography into new and bold directions. Along with this we are also very excited to reveal our very first physical release from renowned techno duo Lakker appearing as LOVWAX01 - Lakker - Deathmask E.P which will be available in 12" vinyl aswell as the typical MP3/WAV, this release can now be pre-ordered and you'll get it shipped to you as soon as it is available along with the digital counterparts, you can listen to the LOVWAX01 previews here on the home page or on the LOVWAX01 release page. We also are holding our last event in Colchester at the venue it all started at back in 2004, most likely our final outing in Colchester and on the evening of summer solstice, the longest day of 2012 and the point when our planet has maximum tilt towards the sun, and to celebrate we bring you a steller lineup of all-stars. Topping off the bill we have the undisputed heavy-weight uk don of all things bangers and mash the one and only Shitmat!

0101120023 To celebrate the new year of '2012' we have re-released 'Beatwife - All Over Yer Face' a former Ideation Records release whos website unfortunately perished sometime ago. We are very pleased to bring this release back into the public domain once again allowing fans old and new to grab this beauty from our high speed server. Along with this we have relaunched our 'public FTP' under the new rebranding of the 'Love Love file directory' like before it contains mixes, sets, and promo tracks.

2207110632 After a longtime of development the latest incarnation of the love love site is complete and to celebrate the occasion we have a whole load of brilliant new releases to tantalize your ears and brain. Our new releases are a mixture of paid for mp3 or wav digital downloads and mp3 free releases, the free releases work as before but the paid for stuff is a little different...

We've tried to make the process as streamlined and easy as possible whilst still being as secure as we can. The process of purchase begins on the page of the release your looking to purchase, the first thing you have to do is pick the format you want; some releases in the future could be different but for now we have only lossless wav for those who seek the highest qualities and 320kbps mp3 for the non-audiophile/casual listeners. After you have chosen your format click the 'add to cart' button and you will be taken to your cart where you can proceed to checkout or continue shopping, the latter will take you back to the releases page incase you want more than one release, you can get back to your cart at anytime by clicking the 'Your Cart' link in your account maintenance page which can be accessed from the 'Account' link in the footer. If you just want the one release or your ready to checkout go to your cart and click the 'proceed to checkout' link here you'll be asked to register, we don't like the fact you have to register but it was required for the shop to run the way it does so we instead tried to make it as quick as possible, you won't have to confirm the registration with a validation email and you'll only need to be logged in to complete a checkout. On the registration form you are only required to provide a username, password, email address and first name all the other stuff will only be needed if you are buying a physical release which we don't have any of as of yet (although we plan on changing this in the future).

Aswell as these new free and paid for releases we have our wonderful Love Love Records Presents #1 compilation take the serial of LOV00 available for free download like any other free release.

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