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Lazer Vision :
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LOVMP316 - Lazer Vision - Lazer Induction

LOVMP316 - Lazer Vision - Lazer Induction L.P.
Format: Free MP3 Digital Release 320kbs
Total running time: 1:54:26
Genre: Sci-Fi

Deep underwater or far away in the outer reaches of space Lazer Vision shows us his vision of the mountain and reports his latest findings during his own journey that is the modern underground. With the new and exciting flavors Lazer Vision shows you the way and gives you the key to the doorway that is the Lazer Induction. Throughout this release we see a wonderful dynamic of opposites sometimes calm sometimes chaotic some tracks sounding more reserved whilst others seem to spew all over the place, all the time bombarding the ears with a wonderfully detailed flurry.


Lazer Vision vs Continuum Ratchet - LO12D5 3:53

Lazer Vision - Approximationiks 2 (Minqe Edit) 8:31

Lazer Vision - B3 Crane Timf 4:05

Lazer Vision - Relivable Gins 1:51

Lazer Vision - Trk31-pigeon Song 2:58

Lazer Vision - 1@ver7 4:21

Lazer Vision - 19Sequence 4:56

Lazer Vision - A-bit4 Altsnare Funatword Funkbeat-w155 7:14

Lazer Vision - Spanzero2r1 5:07

Lazer Vision - B14 Crane 1:59

Lazer Vision - Mopp Bucqt (Bucket) R3S-02 4:03

Lazer Vision - Ponytail Ryder Sport 8a 5:37

Lazer Vision - Phenomenalism 4:07

Lazer Vision - Cellular Automata 3:26

Lazer Vision vs Magikist - Hornswoggle 5:30

Lazer Vision vs Missqulater - 0Tribularity Dualist 6:58

Lazer Vision - Sound of Assisted Gate3 3:51

Lazer Vision - B-bit4 Altsnare 13:59

Lazer Vision - Tark-11VERSION4 2:12

Continuum Ratchet - R49v 2:38

Lazer Vision - Approximationiks 3a Slowstep2 4:53

Lazer Vision vs Continuum Ratchet - Gleichfalls (Project Continuum261209) 3:55

Lazer Vision - Trk32-pigeon Song 8:12