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LOVMP317 - Missqulater - Beside You

LOVMP317 - Missqulater - Beside You E.P.
Format: Free MP3 Digital Release 320kbs
Total running time: 29:57
Genre: Electronica/Dance

Returning to Love Love for his second release Missqulater gifts us this stunning single with 4 additional remixes from a host of musical sensei's including jungle legend FFF. Each artists takes a unique approach to an instant classic which is equally uplifting and melancholic. Well worth a download for some innovative, intricate and truly inspired electronic music.


Beside You 3:32

Sunrise Again 4:37

Beside You (FFF Remix) 5:22

Behind You (Newk Remix) 6:34

Beside You (Copacod Remix) 6:31

Beside You (End Credit Aech_Rom Remix) 4:18