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Beatwife - All Over Yer Face

LOVMP318/IDEA006 - Beatwife - All Over Yer Face E.P.
Format: Free MP3 Digital Re-Release 320kbs
Total running time: 30:05
Genre: Braindance/Acid

Richard Wilson re-releases his 2009 free E.P. 'All Over Yer Face' through Love Love Records. This E.P. was initially released through Scotland's Ideation Records who specialized in psychonautical fragmented rave. Their site unfortunately disappeared earlier last year and Richard asked us if we could put it online, and being one of our favorite producers we jumped at the chance! Containing wife classics such as Scooter in Yer Face and Beatwife's Bedroom Fear it also features the tracks Bad Man Remix, Ragga Muffin and Panty Drarr which have been common faces in party sets since its orginal release.


Scooter In Yer Face 5:23

Bad Man 4:40

Ja Banga Driller 3:05

Ragga Muffin 4:12

Beatwife's Bedroom Fear 6:34

Panty Drarr 4:05

Double Dildaddy 4:51