LOVCD05 - Gareth Clarke - Caviar
Format:Digipack CD, 320kbps MP3 or Lossless WAV
Length: 27:30
Cost: Digipack CD EP - £5.99 Digitals - £4.99
Genre: Electronic
Stock: Limited

Having dispensed his distinct brand over the last decade, Gareth Clarke makes his Love Love debut with a refined hors d'oeuvre. Spread across five generous helpings, Gareth's 'Caviar' provides a gourmet experience for connoisseurs. Large eggs create a unique texture that, when in contact with the tongue, ooze captivating melodies around the nasal passages. An eccentric blend, bursting with moments of absurdity and snap-switches from chaotic to fragile alongside measures of genuine beauty. Harvested from the finest fisheries in Manchester and packaged in Colchester ready for distribution all over the world.

Caviar (...And English To My Dog) 5:36
Love Its Guts 7:20
Cocktail (Party FX) 6:05
Curtsy 4:20
Hearseback Riding 4:11

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