LOVCD07 - Acid Jeep - Rhythm Magnet
Format: Digipack CD, 320kbps MP3 or Lossless WAV
Length: 1:01:01
Cost: Digipack CD Album - £6.99 Digitals - £5.99
Genre: Acid
Stock: Limited

Rhythm Magnet is the debut release by the all-purpose sonic LSD vehicle Acid Jeep, broadcasting high grade machine-made acid worldwide from the scorching metropolis of Houston, Texas.

This squelchy warehouse material is characterised by chunky acid grooves and hypnotic lead lines, moving through 7 tracks of pounding hyper-dynamic rhythms and curling bleeps’n’bass made using an array of hardware. Despite utilising a sound palette that will be familiar to most ravers and braindancers, Acid Jeep is able to take dancefloors to previously unknown destinations with his fresh take on a style that, whilst pulling influences rooted in Detroit, has been more euro-centric over the years.

Magnetic 7:51
Freq Seeker 9:14
Clap Noise Altitude 6:26
Wasp Rhythm 7:47
Processing 9:39

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