LOVWAX05 - dgoHn - All The Fuckin' As
12" White Vinyl, 320kbps MP3 or Lossless WAV
Length: 19:53
Cost: Physicals - £6.99 Digitals - £0.99 per track.
Genre: Drumfunk
Stock: Limited

The latest 12” to arrive in the expanding LOVWAX series comes from drumfunk stalwart dgoHn, joining the Love Love family with a single that flows and crashes like an amen tsunami. A slick 3 tracker featuring two original tracks from dgoHn and a remix from long standing label-friend Scrase. This record proves a worthy addition to his rich back catalogue standing alongside previous releases on labels such as Subtle Audio and Rephlex.

Title track “All The Fuckin' As” utilises a militantly sliced unrelenting drum line and an organic sound palette reminiscent of Paradox. Crisp break work and eerie textures run throughout setting the backdrop for a well placed collage of hair raising recordings and half heard conversations, throwing out delayed samples to create a truly unique atmosphere. “Untitled Pig Dog” unleashes a solid delivery of frenetic amens with razor sharp fills, whilst carefully placed melodic delayed lines maintain an overall sense of tranquillity. As the track evolves the mood is slowly shifted from one of a cathartic serenity to a more sinister tone with lingering sounds laced menacingly over the frantic percussion. Both tracks solidly look to the future with their meticulous sci-fi style but are sure to leave the rudeboys crotch grabbing in appreciation.

To wrap up London based producer Scrase delivers a high octane remix of the title track manipulating the original elements to create a dynamic drumfunk epic with an acute attention to sub-bass. Confident rhythms and haunting frequencies open the track; Using his own custom built software, Scrase establishes an alien sound clash vibe, firing in sharp bursts with a microscopic attention to detail. An almost freeform breakdown deconstructs the track entirely before returning with a hallucination-inducing spasm of percussion culminating in ball tingling drum trip armageddon.

The release comes fronted with amazing art by SNUBLiC
Checkout dgoHn's website at dgohn-music.com

A1 All The Fuckin' As 6:53
B1 Untitled Pig Dog 5:46
B2 All The Fuckin' As (Scrase Remix) 7:14

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